How to install Jelly CLI on macOS using Homebrew

Effortlessly install the Jelly Language library on macOS using Homebrew.

How to install Jelly CLI on macOS using Homebrew

In a [previous post](previous post), I covered the process of downloading the Open-Jellycore source code, compiling it, and installing it to /usr/local/bin/jelly. However, if you prefer a simpler method, this article is for you. It outlines how to install the Jelly Language library using the macOS package manager, homebrew.

Installing various Unix tools and open-source projects on Mac is easiest with a package manager. Since macOS doesn't come with one built-in, we'll use Homebrew.

Step 1 - Install Homebrew

Visit Homebrew and complete the single line install.

Double check your work by opening Terminal and typing.

which brew

Step 2 - Add a Tap

First, you need to add the repository as a tap to your Homebrew setup. This makes Homebrew aware of the formulae in your repository from this Git Repo.

brew tap Jellycuts/homebrew-formulae

Step 3 - Install jelly

With brew available, type:

brew install jellycuts/formulae/jelly

Step 4 - Verify

You can verify the installation using which

which jelly

You'll be looking for a response like this /usr/local/bin/jelly.

Step 5 - Ta da!

Your done!