Jellycuts partners with RoutineHub: A New Era in Mobile Coding

Jellycuts partners with RoutineHub: A New Era in Mobile Coding

Since its inception, Jellycuts has been focused on delivering the best developer experience for creating Apple shortcuts. We've built our IDE to be both powerful and straightforward. Now, we're excited to announce our partnership with RoutineHub to launch, a new frontier for mobile coding.

Partnership Announcement

From day one, RoutineHub has been a great ally. We've maintained a close relationship with their team and, after months of exploring the Apple shortcuts ecosystem together, we're ready to take the next step.

Starting today, Jellycuts is partnering with RoutineHub to bring Open Jelly to more developers. RoutineHub's expertise in fostering a collaborative community for sharing Apple shortcuts is now part of our suite of solutions. This means that developers seeking comprehensive tools for creating and sharing Apple shortcuts will have access to the best options available. RoutineHub users can easily integrate with Jellycuts, and Jellycuts users will enjoy a seamless experience with RoutineHub.

Introducing OpenJelly

With the formation of this partnership, we are excited to focus on OpenJelly, our new initiative dedicated to accelerating and enhancing mobile-first development through innovative tools and libraries. OpenJelly comprises two GitHub repositories: OpenJellycore software language and OpenJellycuts mobile IDE.

What Does This Mean for Our Developers?

If you're using Jellycuts’ services, you'll see new features and bug fixes powered by RoutineHub as part of this partnership. We provide an easy guide to help you update your workflows. Jellycuts' core functionalities remain unchanged, so you can continue creating and sharing shortcuts as usual. Additionally, RoutineHub users will benefit from the robust development environment that Jellycuts offers.

Support for Apple Shortcuts and Mobile Coding

For all users, our collaboration ensures that every developer has the best path to a great solution. With our combined experience, we are excited to integrate our capabilities into OpenJelly. You will soon see guides from both Jellycuts and RoutineHub that specifically show you how to maximize the potential of their combined services.

The Future of Mobile Coding

The future of mobile coding is bright and requires robust developer support. OpenJelly marks the beginning of a new era in mobile development. We look forward to supporting the current developer community and onboarding the next generation onto this innovative platform.

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