Master Automation with Jellycuts and RoutineHub

Master Automation with Jellycuts and RoutineHub

Jellycuts and RoutineHub are two powerful tools for shortcut enthusiasts on iOS. Here’s a description of what you can do with each:


Jellycuts is an advanced tool designed to simplify and enhance the creation of shortcuts on iOS. With Jellycuts, you can:

  1. Create Complex Shortcuts: It allows users to create complex shortcuts more easily through a visual development environment, facilitating the integration of multiple actions into a single shortcut.
  2. Develop Custom Shortcuts: It offers a code editor that allows you to write custom scripts, providing more precise control over shortcuts and enabling advanced users to create specific functions.
  3. Automate Daily Tasks: You can automate daily tasks like sending messages, managing reminders, and controlling smart home devices, all through custom shortcuts.
  4. Share and Download Shortcuts: Jellycuts makes it easy to share your creations with other users and also download shortcuts developed by the community to enhance productivity.


RoutineHub is a community platform dedicated to the creation, distribution, and discussion of shortcuts for iOS. On RoutineHub, you can:

  1. Explore a Library of Shortcuts: Find and download a wide variety of shortcuts created by other users, categorized by type and popularity. This includes shortcuts for productivity, entertainment, utilities, and more.
  2. Publish Your Shortcuts: Share your own shortcuts with the community, receiving feedback and improving your creations thanks to collaboration and suggestions from other users.
  3. Join an Active Community: Participate in forums and discussions where you can learn new techniques, get help, and collaborate with other shortcut enthusiasts.
  4. Stay Updated with the Latest News: RoutineHub offers news and updates on shortcuts, new iOS features, and relevant events, keeping you up to date with trends and developments in the community.
  5. Attend Live Review Sessions: RoutineHub organizes live events where shortcuts are reviewed, new ideas are discussed, and tips are provided to improve users’ creations.

Combining Jellycuts and RoutineHub

By using Jellycuts along with RoutineHub, you can maximize your experience in creating and using shortcuts on iOS. Jellycuts provides you with the tools necessary to develop powerful and customized shortcuts, while RoutineHub offers a platform to share your creations, learn from others, and stay informed about the latest news in the world of shortcuts. Together, these tools make automation on iOS more accessible, collaborative, and efficient.